Our vision

In the midst of the conflict, which is unavoidable in a transforming democracy, More Than Peace offers to facilitate a conflict transformation process which involves constructive dialogue between recognised community leaders who are able to articulate the community’s needs and concerns, and accountable representatives of institutions that have some responsibility for delivering the goods or services in question. We wish to aid the building of a South Africa where all voices are heard.

South Africans deserve better than the current investment in violent methods to silence and control communities who are living with injustice. More Than Peace is committed to building healthy relationships and trust between the various stakeholders involved in conflict. We believe that key to a successful second democratic transition is the facilitation of dialogical spaces where the painful realities and enduring legacies of the past – relational, systemic and spatial – can be shared, heard, and resolved at an individual and structural level.  

The church continues to play a significant role in South African society with the vast majority of South Africans identifying as Christian and participating in some form of local church expression.  As a result, the church has a vital role to play in this work by renewing its commitment to pursuing justice for those who are oppressed by inequalities and injustices, and embracing its role as an active member of society and a caring peacemaker in the battlegrounds of our communities and institutions.