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More Than Peace (MTP) is a coalition of churches and like-minded organisations, primarily located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, who are committed to working in practical ways towards the establishment of peace and social justice in South Africa. It was established in 2015 by the South African Christian Leaders Initiative (SACLI), Christ Church Kenilworth, The Warehouse Trust and Mennonite Central Committee – and is a registered non-profit company. 

MTP responds to invitations from contesting stakeholders across communities and institutions during times of violent protest or unrest to facilitate listening, understanding and co-created solutions to address the roots of the conflict.

Whilst our initial involvement often begins as crisis-intervention, our work nurtures stakeholder trust, shared vision and commitment for the longer-term work of transforming injustices which continue to threaten and deny peace.


Latest Updates

Bearing witness to build a just peace

Since 2016, More Than Peace has learnt that bearing witness is essential to the work of building a just and sustainable peace in South Africa. We train and deploy observers across local communities to public meetings, protests, and multi-stakeholder engagements, where intergenerational causes and consequences of systemic injustice and unequal access to resources, power, and …

Ordinary South Africans commitment to democracy ensures a positive election experience

The overwhelming feedback from the More than Peace Election Observer Teams was that the positive and united spirit showed by ordinary South Africans, and even the representatives of political parties, was a joy to witness. The rain and cold could not quench their desire to positively contribute, within the boundaries of the law, to the …

Our vision

In the midst of the conflict, which is unavoidable in a transforming democracy, More Than Peace offers to facilitate a conflict transformation process which involves constructive dialogue between recognised community leaders who are able to articulate the community’s needs and concerns, and accountable representatives of institutions that have some responsibility for delivering the goods or services in question. We wish to aid the building of a South Africa where all voices are heard.

South Africans deserve better than the current investment in violent methods to silence and control communities who are living with injustice. More Than Peace is committed to building healthy relationships and trust between the various stakeholders involved in conflict. We believe that key to a successful second democratic transition is the facilitation of dialogical spaces where the painful realities and enduring legacies of the past – relational, systemic and spatial – can be shared, heard, and resolved at an individual and structural level.  

The church continues to play a significant role in South African society with the vast majority of South Africans identifying as Christian and participating in some form of local church expression.  As a result, the church has a vital role to play in this work by renewing its commitment to pursuing justice for those who are oppressed by inequalities and injustices, and embracing its role as an active member of society and a caring peacemaker in the battlegrounds of our communities and institutions.

Our Strategy and Activities

More than Peace engages with specific incidents of violent protest or confrontation where there is an opportunity to facilitate a longer term process with all the key participants involved in the conflict. This requires building partnerships and trusted relationships with community leadership, business, local government, law enforcement and civil society.

Each intervention within a particular community is composed of multiple phases of activity:

Crisis intervention – in response to an invitation from church and community leaders for MTP to assist in intervening in the crisis. These are generally where protests targeting issues of injustice and inequality are escalating and becoming violent. MTP has a team of accredited, professional mediators and support who:

  • help to identify, listen, gather information, and prepare an analysis with relevant stakeholders to assess and promote readiness for and participation in conflict transformation.
  • meet with stakeholder groups separately to prepare for conflict transformation.
  • facilitate multi-stakeholder negotiations with clear agreed aims, outcomes and ground rules.
  • help stakeholders to implement agreements through a co-created task team.
  • prepare and disseminate agreed minutes and actions to hold all parties to account.

Community Stakeholder Training: MTP offers a variety of training courses delivered by our core team and coalition partners to engage, develop and strengthen the agency, capacity, knowledge, participation, leadership and organisational structures in the community where an intervention is occurring. Socio-economic justice and transformation are key to establishing peace.

The three primary training courses are:

  • Peace Justice Witness Training: Observers play a vital role in creating an early warning system and response to rising tensions and potential conflict. This intelligence is critical for early interventions by church and community leaders to defuse tensions and to mobilise observers if violence does occur. Observers play a critical role as impartial witnesses to the actual events. Their reports provide important intelligence to MTP mediators and facilitators. We train in partnership with the Right2Know Campaign.
  • Understanding and transforming conflict: A 3-day training in understanding conflict and creating an integrated framework for peace-building. What are the root causes of the crisis and conflict? How can a community transition from crisis to desired change? What are the social structures and relationships that are desirable? How is crisis prevented from re-emerging? How can processes of action, reflection and further action be designed to improve and develop a desired future? This training is delivered and has been developed contextually by the MTP Mediation and Facilitation Team.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue Training: This is part of a ‘Sustained Dialogues Programme’ which works to acknowledge, confront and engage – through dialogue – enduring legacies that continue to marginalize, wound and cause injustice. Stakeholder Dialogue Training develops the understanding, skill, and capacity of local communities in multi-stakeholder dialogues, democratic processes and active citizenship. We train stakeholders in partnership with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.

Peace Catalyst Support: We seek to coach, train, apprentice and financially support a Peace Catalyst within each community that we are invited to work in. Peace Catalysts will be trained in groups and learn to reflect on their praxis together using praxis or learning cycle methodologies. Each Peace Catalyst will receive group and 1:1 coaching, training, and apprenticeships with our mediators and trainers.

Collaborative Development Facilitation: As soon as a community is out of crisis mode and has well-trained leaders within an inclusive and accountable structure, we endeavour to draw together the community, local authorities, NGO and private sectors and other stakeholders to collaboratively prioritise, plan and then implement development projects. At this stage we are providing in our budget for 20 hours of development facilitation per month for communities that are in this phase.

Who we are

More Than Peace (MTP) is a coalition of churches and like-minded individuals and organisations, primarily located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, who are committed to working in practical ways towards the establishment of peace and social justice across the nation.

It was established in 2015 by the South African Christian Leaders Initiative (SACLI), Christ Church Kenilworth, The Warehouse Trust and Mennonite Central Committee.

MTP is a Public Benefit Organisation (Reg No. 930063576) and registered non-profit company (Reg No. 2017/187736/08).

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